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Welcome to Entrepreneurship as a Second Language®! The mission of Entrepreneurship as a Second Language® is to democratize the terminology of entrepreneurship and promote entrepreneurial literacy. To support that mission, Entrepreneurship as a Second Language® serves as a collaborative website for educational information about the terms and phrases with which we define and discuss entrepreneurship.

Semantic MediaWiki provides the collaborative tools[1] with which registered users[2] can create, edit, organize, search, and analyze profiles of terms and phrases (example) and related books (example), articles, blog entries, editorials, essays, graphics, interviews, and other content (example), PDF documents (example), audio and podcasts (example), videos (example), and databases and repositories (example). Registered users can also submit their comments, questions, and suggestions (example) to improve this wiki for everyone!


  1. Those collaborative tools include properties, templates, forms, and categories.
  2. To register as a user, send a brief introductory message by email to with "Registration of User" as the subject.