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Welcome to Entrepreneurship as a Second Language™! This wiki is a collaborative website for educational information about the terms and phrases with which we define and discuss entrepreneurship.<br />
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Semantic MediaWiki provides the collaborative tools<ref>Those collaborative tools include [[Special:Properties|properties]], [[Special:Templates|templates]], [[Special:Forms|forms]], and [[Special:Categories|categories]]. [ Law as a Second Language®] collects resources about these collaborative tools and other topics and technologies under the [ category] ''How to use this wiki''.</ref> to create, edit, organize, search, and analyze profiles of [[Form:Term_or_phrase|terms and phrases]] ([[example_of_a_term_or_phrase_(English,_noun)|example]]). Registered users<ref>To register as a user, send a brief introductory message by email to with "Registration of User" as the subject.</ref> can also submit their [[Form:Comment,_question,_or_suggestion|comments, questions, and suggestions]] ([[Example_comment,_question,_or_suggestion|example]]) to improve this wiki for everyone!<br />
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